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We enable the creation of laminates & plywood, that leaves behind a mark & create long-lasting impressions. ‘We’ means a family. ‘We’ means people who share the vision. ‘We’ means every individual at Fakirsons, who works to bring our vision in reality.

We ideate, we experiment & we learn, every day! We live by our values, ethos & the strong work culture that is a foundation of our organization. If you are not afraid of failing, making mistakes, learning & never give up trying then you may enjoy working with us.

TALENT is really important, but what matters to us the most is MINDSET. We admire & respect individuals who proactively take ownership & get things done.

We are a world full of opportunities. It doesn’t matter to us at what career stage you are. If you think you have a passion to create change in this world, then you can reach out to us. Simply fill out the form given below and we will reach out to you. We are always looking for people who we can share our passion with.

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