Colourless Bond, Endless Applications


We are the authorized channel partners of the Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. (GSFC), for the Melamine product. GSFC manufactures Melamine under the trade name ‘GUJLAMINE’. There are three Melamine manufacturing facilities of GSFC limited.

55,000 TPA

Aggregate manufacturing capacity
Test Result
Rapid Test Clear to sight turbid
Shift During Heating 0.8% Max.
Colour Apha (After Filtration) 20 Unit Max.
Moisture 0.1% Max.
Cold Water Insoluble W:43:0.0.5% Max.
Bulk Density 800-1000 Gm/Ltr.
Assay 99.8% Min.

Melamine Applications

Decorative laminates

Decorative Laminates

For table tops,kitchen shelves, wall cladding, bus bodies, railway coaches, counters, deckings and instrument pannels

Treatment resin for paper

Treatment Resin for Paper

For currencies, toilet paper, facial tissues, shopping & shipping bags, map papers, food wrappers & photographic papers

Resin for Lacquer Paints

Resin for Lacquer Paints

For motorcars, refrigerator cabinets, washing machines, kitchen equipments, typewriters and water heaters

Industrial Moulded Goods

Industrial Moulded Goods

Circuit breakers, automotive ignition components, switch gears, switch housings, wattmeter terminal block,



Colourless adhesives, water resistent adhesives etc.



Anti-crease treatment for cotton fabrics.

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