All for One, and One for All

The Burakia Group comprises three dynamic, pro-active companies, each excelling in its own field, and providing product, logistical and marketing support to one another.
These are:
All India Roadways Private Limited: The first company started by the group (in 1983, started by Late Mr. Ratanlalji Gupta, Burakia Group’s visionary founder and a veteran of Transportation Industry), this company provides world class logistics services, especially to the Laminates Industry (transporting Raw Materials to Finished Laminate Sheets with a zero damage assurance).

Fakirsons Papchem Private Limited: Started in 1992 as a second-generation initiative of the group, with the aim of bridging the gap between Laminate Manufacturers and the Paper Industry, this company is today a significant presence in India’s Paper sector.

Balaji Formalin Private Limited: Started in 2001, this company manufactures 37% and 43% Formaldehyde, with a Current Installed Capacity of 5000 MT/month. It operates India’s first fully automated Formaldehyde manufacturing unit.

Balaji Formalin is today the preferred resource centre for many of India’s most quality-conscious manufacturers of Resins and (disinfected) Laminates. It is spear-headed by the Group’s second generation technocrats (Mahendra R. Gupta and Mukesh R. Gupta).

See More, Be More, Do More

Behind Fakirsons Papchem’s industry front liner status today is a host of factors.
The tradition of trendsetting (the company periodically in ushers in new developments in the Paper Industry), pioneering (new technologies, technique & processes), customizing  (to meet customer requirements ranging from the uncommon to the extremely challenging) and innovation(new products & processes). The evolved aesthetic sense.The imaginative approach to product utilities, styles and customer choices. The dedicated, reliable, no-excuse services. The in-time delivery with zero in-transit damage.

Yes. It is leadership earned.

When the Customer Wins,
WE Ourselves Win

First, respect the customer.
Then, understand their needs.
Offer them the best solutions available.
Back it up with highly professional, yet personalized, services.
Be MORE time-conscious then the customer.
If a promise is made, KEEP it at all costs.

Right Place, Right Period, Right Products, Right People

Fakirsons Papchem was a second generation initiative of the Burakia Group, established in 1992 with the stated aim of bridging the gap between Laminate Manufacturers and the Paper Industry.
What began as a trading outfit of Kraft Paper, then diversified into related product areas successfully. Shortly after inception, the company acquired the dealership of India’s sole manufacturer of GSFC Melamine.
It soon associated with Yash Paper for MG Poster Paper and with MG Kraft for Low GSM White/Brown Wrapping Paper. It also associated with Hangzhou Huawang New Material Technology, for supply of world class Printing Paper. The company gradually expanded its product portfolio to cover the whole gamut of relevant products, and added on its own innovative solutions to the equation.
In the years that followed, Fakirson’s corporate associations, clientele and reputation grew, banking on its professional management, innovative product development, Zero Damage Delivery and customer-centric approach to business.
And today, it stands proudly in the frontiers of India’s Laminate Raw Material Industry as a change inducer and leader.

Learned Leaders,
Earned Leadership

Behind Fakirson’s incessant quality drive and well-earned leadership profile is the inspirational leadership of its top management, which comprises Messers Mahendra Gupta, Manoj Gupta, Mukesh Gupta and Rishi Gupta – all, technocrats par excellence and young, dynamic entrepreneurs.
Around them, they have built a team of experienced professionals and support staff, who share the quality commitment and customer orientation of the company, and function as an organic whole.